Branch statistics

According to preliminary data of the Central Statistical Institute, in December 2014, the number of visitors(635,415) who were booked in hotel establishments increased by 13.6% and the number of overnight stays(1,463,386 nights) spent by them, by 12.5% reported to the same period of previous year. The average length of stays was 2,3 nights, which represents a decrease of 1.0% compared to December of previous year. The number of foreign visitors (304,980) increased by 15.1% and the number of overnights spent (743,347 nights) by foreign visitors, by 14,9% reported to December of 2013.The average length of stay of foreign visitors was 2,4 nights (-0.2%). The number of domestic visitors (330,435 people) increased by 12.3%, while the number of overnight stays (720,039 nights) they spent increased by 10.1% compared to December 2013. The average length of stay of domestic guests was 2,2 nights(-1.9%) in the last month of 2014 ( these data illustrate the relevance and business potential of ,,tourism’’as a branch.

It is obvious that without the knowledge of economic concepts and fundamental business is not possible to penetrate this sector, furthermore to achieve success in this market. Companies - among others - must know those marketing tools by which application the possibility of developing service packages that can be accepted on a continuous changing market of tourism services, is opening to them.It is important to know, create and manage the peculiarities of marketing for services based on living new experiences and identify suitable elements to meet consumer expectations regarding the value of consumers/customers, application of appropriate communication tools, and measuring customers satisfaction rating.